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The history of the club

The Motorcycle Ducati Club Linz was founded in May 2001. The idea of ​​establishing a club was born during a cruise.

Founding cruise to Asolo:

With sunshine in the morning we started towards Velden. Riding over beautiful mountain passes we arrived in Klagenfurt in the early afternoo where Werners friend Miki was already waiting for us. Then we relaxed on his boat followed by a casual dinner at the lake. Beeing fully motivated we rode towards south on the next morning. Unfortunately the joy was short-lived. Rain, more rain, much more rain and plenty of more rain accompanied us throughout the day. After a brief stay at MS Production (Bled) we continued riding in the direction of Castelfranco. In the evening we reached our destination and the weather gods had relented. We dined with our friend Peter Bernscher on the town square of Castel Franco. In the next two days we took advantage of some rallies. A highlight was the visit to the world's largest Ducaticlub "Ducati Club Pompone". In Asolo, we enjoyed a good latte macchiato in a relaxed and pleasant chat, we decided to establish the Ducati Club Linz.

The rest of the story wrote all of our known members. Our return trip to Linz was just fantastic. Passports, well-looped paved roads and a desmodromic grumbling under the butt - what more could ask for.Unfortunately we got a cold rain on Tauernpass but in all it was a great trip with the message of the year:

Let's form a club.

ciao á tutti