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Become a member

We are delighted! Please fill out the form below. Then we will contact you, and once the membership fee has been paid per year (account information will be sent to you of course), it's official - the Ducati Club Linz has a new member! And we thank you too - with a "starter package".

The membership fee is as follows:

  • Full member: EUR 50,-
  • Full member (foreign country): 0 EUR,-
  • Pillion: EUR 25,-
  • Partner or Family fee (two or more full members): EUR 40,- pP.
  • Full member and pillion: EUR 30,- pP.
  • Under 18: EUR 0,-
  • Fans: EUR 0,-
Become a member


My desired membership type:

Mission and purpose of the club are to promote the friendly relations between the members at home and abroad through regional and national meetings and trips, experiences, advice on technical issues, as well as purchase of vehicles, parts and accessories sourcing. The club fee has to be paid at the first January of the year (payment form or Bank Transfer). Termination of membership have to be received by the board until 1 September of every year.